Welcome to The Addisons Mixology Competition, AKA Your Favourite Thursday Night

Last week we introduced you to The Addisons, Toronto’s premiere purveyors of upscale house parties.

Their Residence (456 Wellington Street West) offers guests an unparalleled after-work and evening entertainment experience complete with live music, inventive cocktails, local brews, an abundance of TVs, delicious eats, a fully-loaded rec room and the city’s affluent 25+ crowd.

We’re talking the type of place you can tune into the Jays claiming first place over a game of shuffleboard with a beer in one hand and a delicious bite in the other.

And that’s just a regular night.

Well, on Thursday, September 3rd (starting at 8:00pm sharp), you’re invited to something special: a chance to indulge in The Addisons’ world-class mixology program.


The Addisons will be hosting three top mixologists to determine who can create the most outstanding Bombay Sapphire and Bombay Sapphire East libations – the best of which will be added to the cocktail menu at The Addisons for the next month. So sit back and enjoy the live judging with your chance to win one of many prizes. And since the best cocktails deserve the best food, the Food Dudes will be on hand to shower your palette with mouthwatering canapés.

Now for the most notable part: The whole night costs just $21 to attend.

We’ll repeat that while you try to process the information: you’ll get admission, one of each cocktail (three in total), and food for less than a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian.

While anyone can attend the event, only ticket holders will be privy to the evening’s marquee food & drink. So expect a lot of confused sad faces in attendance who didn’t purchase tickets to be watching you from afar as you enjoy an epic Thursday.

So pick yours up asap, because there are only a limited number and no one wants to spend their Thursday night sad, confused, and missing out on September’s first great bash.