Showing Up to a First Date in a Wedding Dress is the Greatest Tinder Prank of All

Some people get way too heavy on a first date.

“Nice to meet you, let’s split the calamari rings to start, how many kids do you want? Two? Nice, me too, let’s get started.”

But even that’s too reserved for British comedian Laura Bubble, who decided to surprise her Tinder dates by showing up in a wedding dress.


The whole thing was recorded for a video to benefit the charity Stand Up to Cancer.

It’s funny to speculate what these dudes must be thinking when they see her decked out in full white – did she Tinder down the aisle, match me, ditch the groom, and come on a date? Or does she want to say her vows before I’ve even had a chance to ask her what kind of music she likes?

Some guys pretend they’re not the one she’s supposed to meet while others turn around and abandon ship the second they see her. Some also stay a while and pretend like something insane isn’t happening. One guy’s bewilderment at the dress was met with a very witty, “I could say it’s a bit weird to turn up to a date in a raincoat.” Truth.

There were no second dates.

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