We Still Love You m:brgr

m:brgr is notable for being a build-your-own-burger joint unlike any other in Montreal. And even though Toronto rejected this special spot when it opened a location there a few months back, we still love all that m:brgr has to offer. From their multiple patty choices (from AAA beef to Kobe beef, tuna to veggie), to their other dishes like juicy hot dogs, pogos, and grilled cheeses, m:brgr is always bustling and will never disappoint with its friendly atmosphere. Try some of their gourmet burger toppings (they even have black truffles!) and their famous sweet potato fries. And don’t worry, for all you health freaks, they also have great salads.

Since opening in 2008, m:brgr has relied on the quality of the ingredients to fuel their ongoing success. This isn’t a surprise, though, considering Montreal’s newest high-end hamburger joint was founded by the owners of the renowned Moishe’s Steakhouse. The gourmet touch can be noted in other delights offered on the menu including the city-famous “Moishe’s Pickles,” along with milk shakes, floats, and 20 imported beers. For the young professional, m:brgr has all the best staples of a classic burger joint enhanced by a touch of refinement.

On one wall of the restaurant hangs a tapestry depicting the city of Montreal with all of its bright lights and fantasy. Many benches and tables provide comfortable seating, while the wooden walls are calming. While the restaurant was in development, m:brgr owners Jeff Ditcher and Lenny Lighter went on several “tasting trips” to places like New York and Las Vegas in order to track down any of the rumoured great burgers and sides. They knew they could do better and have consistently set out to prove it with their next-generation hamburgers. With a portion of the restaurant’s profits regularly donated to Montreal’s Sick Kids Hospital, Ditcher and Lighter set a great example for young professionals everywhere. When a delicious burger is served with a side of charity, few things are more notable. m:brgr, 2025 Drummond, Montreal.