We Found It: The Secret to Glowing Skin


It’s one of the hashtags that trended most this year, and one that’s inspired women around the globe to flaunt their barefaced selfies.

As much we’d all love to be 45 and looking like JLo, truth be told, we can’t always say we “woke up like this.”

But regardless of trends, having a healthy, dewy glow has always remained a positive look because, well, looking healthy means looking good. Obvi.

Which is what makes The Skin Girls’ ability to consistently deliver this look so unique.

The fresh faces they work on attest to their results – just look to their skin roster of Erin Cebula, Katie Cassidy, Laura Brooke, Fiona Forbes, and Ashley Morris for proof.


Their discrete location in the middle of Vancouver is purposely chosen to maintain the utmost comfort. You can’t just drop in. And, while they have worked on a few notable names, their mission is to share their love for healthy skin with anyone who wants to beam confidence out of their face. Literally.

We were thoroughly impressed when we threw the Skin Girls a few trick questions – their skin therapists are incredibly knowledgeable. Providing personalized services fully based on your particular skin type, needs, and concerns, you won’t find them recommending anything other than what’s right.  

And when it comes to something as important as our skin, we value the cold hard truth. 

An added bonus – if you’re feeling like a homebody, The Skin Girls are also mobile. So, if you don’t want to brave the weather, leave your office, or just in case you want to keep the ways you beautify on the DL, they will come to you.

Now that’s a secret we’re happy to share. 


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