Watch Women Swipe Through Tinder Together and See How They React

We’ve talked about Tinder.

And we’ve told you many things about it.

But what we haven’t done is shown you what it’s like when a couple of women get together and swipe through together. Luckily, GQ sat down five pairs of ladies and had them let fly on the popular dating app. The results were about what you’d expect: “It’s fun to do with friends and just be, like, look at this stupid idiot.”

Yup, that’s pretty much how most modern relationships are being born these days. The future looks real bright.


The woman swiped 634 times (89% were left swipes) in total and somehow received a combined 80 matches while only swiping right 70 times (apparently being a woman on Tinder makes it possible to matches without evening swiping). And some of those matches were also made a little too quickly: “Now he’s going to message me and I don’t want him to.”

Perhaps, gentleman, the most important things to note were the types of photos that caused the biggest negative reactions:

6% of the men’s profile photos were selfies and 90% of those pics were met with a negative reaction.

Women in Photos
10% of men had women in their photos and this received a negative reaction 96% of the time.

While there seems to be no set definition, it would seem looking ‘creepy’ in your photo is not going to get you anything but a left swipe.

98% of men who had children in any of their photos were rejected.

If they don’t know who you are in the photo, they’re not going to choose you. 

More than being creepy or having children in your photo, hats are the ultimate offence. 99% of bros wearing hats were rejected.

As for what’s good, it would seem the only thing that tops being ‘hot’ is having a dog in your pics. So if you find you’re striking out a lot on Tinder, you’d better visit the Humane Society this weekend. Or just borrow a friend’s puppy and avoid 10 years of responsibility. Your call.

The video is best summed up with its final line, “I’m never more shallow than I am on Tinder.”