Watch This Incredibly Touching Video About Growing Up

WireTap, one of CBC’s most beloved radio programs and the 24th most popular podcast on iTunes, is calling it a day. After an 11-year run, host Jonathan Goldstein is taking a step back to focus on something new – but not before releasing one of the program’s most touching segments on his way out.

Goldstein and an extensive list of talented individuals produced a video based on a particularly popular podcast about the never-ending process of growing up. It invites people of all ages to offer words of wisdom to their younger counterparts, including gems like a 10-year-old telling nine-year-olds to avoid popular kids because they’re all “narcissistic capitalists that know nothing about politics” and a 93-year-old telling people not to listen to anyone’s advice because “nobody knows what the hell they’re doing.”

If you watch just one video today, make sure this is it.