Watch the Incredible Reaction of Two Brothers Seeing Colours for the First Time Ever

It’s easy to take something as wonderful as colour for granted, especially when you’ve been able to see it every day all your life.

Could you imagine never being able to see the beautiful hues of a sunset or not being able to tell the colour of your own eyes?

Thanks to advancements in technology, two colour blind brothers have been given the gift of a lifetime and can now see colours because of a special pair of glasses.

In an emotional video, Jimmy and Jace Papenhausen test out a pair of EnChroma glasses, manufactured to help people who are colour blind see colour. They’re overwhelmed to tears the second they look at the vibrant colours their family had prepared.

In the video, you can see Jimmy close his eyes as he prepares himself for what he is about to see. His reaction is priceless.

He then lets his brother Jace try on the glasses. “That towel looks completely different,” he says as the brothers both look around them at trees and clothing, naming the colours they have struggled to see their entire lives.

Take a few moments to watch this beautiful moment and make sure to have a box of tissues ready.