Racist Halloween Costumes in Canadian Store Marked With Warning Labels

Warning labels temporarily appeared on Halloween costumes in a Regina, Saskatchewan store for anyone who might have cast their eyes on a “Reservation Royalty” outfit and thought, ‘hey, sick!’

Other costumes to receive labels included “Native American Princess” and “Pocahottie.”


The warnings advised shoppers to “avoid contact with these dangerous materials” on costumes that promote the “sexualization of Indigenous women and peoples” and were distributed by the Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism and Colonialism No More.

“As an Indigenous woman, early childhood educator and mother of three Indigenous children, I know that it is well documented that these types of images are harmful to children and society at large,” said Robyn Pitawanakwat of Colonialism No More, calling the action a “public service.”


Spirit Halloween, meanwhile, was content to keep the costumes in stock after briefly removing them to appease the initiative.

“While we respect the opinion of those who are opposed to the sale of any cultural or historical costumes, we are proud of our costume selection for men, women and children,” said Spirit Halloween spokesperson Lisa Barr in an interview with the CBC.

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