Want to Start a business? Here’s Where You Should Live

So you want to start a business. Nice. Great!

You’re probably well aware that you should give yourself every advantage possible. Beg your friends and family to talk about your venture on social media. A steady diet of tuna and crackers so you have more money to spend on metallic business cards. And more practical considerations, like packing up your life and moving abroad. (Or to Vancouver; you’ll see in a minute).

Indeed, some cities are better than others to launch an enterprise. The good news is you don’t have to go do any location scouting. Movinga has done the leg work for you in publishing a comprehensive ranking of the world’s best cities for entrepreneurs. The ranking was determined by evaluating 75 cities “well known for a vibrant startup culture” based on a dozen metrics. Indicators like the cost of real estate, female entrepreneurship, and where investors are most likely to give you money.

Let’s start with Canada. Vancouver is the country’s highest-ranked city at number six overall, followed by Toronto in 25th. Montreal, the only other Canadian city, ranks 33rd. While AI is the industry most primed for growth in Toronto and Montreal, Vancouver is banking on blockchain.

Overall, London is the best city in the world for entrepreneurs. Runner-up goes to Barcelona, with New York City rounding out the top three.

Check out the top 10:

Lisbon, Barcelona, and Istanbul were recognized as the best for restaurateurs. Techies should plug in to San Francisco, London, and New York City, while entrepreneurs in the import/export industry would do well to find roots in Singapore, Shanghai, or Amsterdam.