Want to Make a Difference? Getinvolved.ca Can Help

Charitable involvement is something we take seriously at Notable.ca as part of an overall balanced young professional (YP) life. Most YPs will say they would like to get involved in a charitable initiative that’s meaningful to them, but don’t know where to start. Now, there are no excuses. Getinvolved.ca has become Canada’s single largest source of volunteers and volunteer opportunities and can help you find your perfect volunteer match.

Volunteer Canada reports that 33 per cent of Canadians who want to volunteer don’t know how to get started. Getinvolved.ca matches volunteers with organizations that need their help and helps volunteers find their niche with a suite of tools and resources exclusive to their service, which now boasts 10,000 members. There are many reasons to get involved in a cause that you are passionate about. This may be to engage in issues important to you and your community, while others simply want to give back using the valuable skills they have to offer.

“People are volunteering for all sorts of reasons, but the common link is the many organizations that need their skills, help, and expertise. National Volunteer Week is a great time to think about what we all have to offer; to give back to our communities and connect with issues we’re passionate about,” says Getinvolved.ca Interactive Director Christine McGlade. “Getinvolved.ca makes those connections between what you have to offer and what your community needs. We help you find your perfect match.”

Getinvolved.ca is a free tool for volunteers and organizations. Launched in 2008 in partnership with TVO, Getinvolved has forged strategic partnerships with Volunteer Canada and Manulife Financial. As Canada’s largest online volunteer network, Getinvolved.ca has 2700 national, local and grass-root organizations, 8700 volunteers (Canada’s largest source of skilled volunteers), 5000+ volunteer opportunities as Canada’s single largest source of volunteer opportunities, thousands of virtual volunteers and opportunities, and over 100 videos featuring activists, innovators and social entrepreneurs.

Young people just like you are making a big difference. Jill Brennan is volunteering to explore her world by biking from Western Canada to the East coast to raise money for “Their Opportunity,” an organization that pays for sports equipment and registration fees for sports programs for children who cannot afford it. Toronto’s Zac Vine turned his passion for teaching into a fulfilling career by volunteering and providing free athletic training for inner-city youth of the Lawrence Heights area of Toronto. You’re never “too young” or “too inexperienced” to get involved. Case in point? Free the Children’s Craig Kielburger, who founded the organization at the age of 12, or Getinvolved.ca’s Harnoor Gill, who, at the ago of 14, started volunteering for environmental initiatives to build his interpersonal and leadership skills, and has discovered his career path as an environmentalist.

Getinvolved is also a documentary-style television show that showcases people across Ontario whose volunteer adventures have changed their lives. The 4th season of Getinvolved on TVO introduces all these variations on change-making, inspirational volunteers. 

Discover the myriad ways that volunteers are finding to make a difference at Getinvolved.ca.