Vote For Your Favourite Vancouver #FusionStartupLab Semi-Finalist

And then there were 12.

After going through all of the amazing submissions we received for the Ford Fusion Startup Lab, we’ve pared them down to the best dozen teams in Vancouver.

Now they need your help.

With official online voting having opened on November 6th, you’ve only got one four more days to give your favourite team all the voting love it deserves.

Only four teams will make it the Fusion Startup Lab finals to compete for $10,000 on November 14th, so make sure you get to know all the semi-finals below!

And be sure to catch all the action in the three-part video series launching November 25th.

AntiSocial REEL 
Our goal is to create a subscription based video program for small to medium sized business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs. We want to provide packaged regular video content for social media programs at a fixed price.

50 million photographers are trying to make a living from selling their work online. However, it only takes 2 seconds to steal their work. At Copypants, we are a startup making it easier for artists to deal with copyright infringement.

Friends Made
Our clothes are made in small batches from all organic cotton by our master cutters and sewers in Montreal. We see the product move from the producer, to our factory, to you and make sure you know where it went every step of the way.

Goal Diggers
Fitness Foods is an organic, gluten, and sugar free meal delivery service that was started almost two years ago. The meals are prepared and portioned and then delivered right to your home.

Humble and Hungry
The Bean Bite line is marketed towards moms, children, and millennials who essentially need on the go nutrients at their fingertips. These bites are gluten free, flour free, soy free, dairy free, paleo approved, Kosher, Non GMO and sold FRESH.

Iconik will centralize and de-clutter nearly all the interactions of a mobile device to help people get back to what’s most important, communicating.

The three-pronged plug as we know it today hasn’t really changed in over 100 years. MagnoPlug’s flagship technology is a new type of AC 120/240V power connector, which uses magnets, not only as a convenient holding mechanism, but also to safely and consistently actuate electricity flow.

We partner with restaurants, and place our logo next to a few menu items. When a customer orders a ‘Mealshare Item’ they get their meal, just like normal. But, we also provide one meal to someone in need. Buy one, give one – it’s that simple.

Orbiiit allows you to discover the most popular profiles, brands, and media content based on their real time social engagement, popularity, and daily growth over all other social networks. We believe discovery should not be solely based on keyword search and SEOss but also on real time engagement.

Sole 4 Boys is a youth empowerment program that uses physical activity and mentorship to build a community of socially and emotionally conscious young men. Our nine-week programs and camps aim to redefine what it means to be a young man in the modern age and help boys understand how to show up in a gender-equal society.

Tangoo leverages experiences to connect people and businesses in the most personal way yet. It does so by working with local experts and thought leaders to categorize restaurants by the experiences they best provide and matching them to what customers value and are most in the mood for at any given moment.

Taski is a two sided marketplace that connects taskers (workers) with short term jobs in their area. Think UBER for short term work. Taski connects taskers with gigs that require their skill set, so someone with a background in photography would be connected with a photography gig. Taskers have the power to work whenever and wherever without the commitment of a job.