Vote Early in the Toronto Election and Get Cheap Beer and Free Ice Cream

It’s no surprise that Torontonians seem to need a little motivation when it comes to the voting booth.

Our very divided last election that left Rob Ford in charge of the city was solid proof of that.

So, in order to encourage more people to vote, some of Toronto’s best establishments will be offering up a few tasty reasons to get you out there and voting – TODAY & TOMORROW.

Sweet Olenka’s Ice Cream Shop at 1050 Queen West and 2790 Lakeshore Blvd West are offering FREE ice cream and truffles on Wednesday and Thursday to those who vote early.

All you have to do is take a selfie of yourself in front of a voting booth and show it to them at the store on either of these days.

That’s all the reason we need to head to the polls early, but in case you need more, a fine group of people have put together the first ever Happy Voting Hour.

That’s right. Head to the polls October 15-17th and enjoy discounted food and beer.

The following locations are confirmed to be participating on specific days: Rock Lobster, Le Petit Castor, Dog & Bear, and Cadillac Lounge.

Just make sure to say, “I voted” when ordering, and you’ll receive the discount.

There will not be promotional material for any candidate at the venues. This is purely to celebrate the all too often underrated act of fulfilling your civic duty.

Does free ice cream and discounted beer make you more likely to vote? If it doesn’t, it’s fair to assume nothing will.

Toronto’s race for the new mayor officially goes down on October 27th, so if you miss out on the early voting window (and treats that go with it), at least make sure your vote counts twelve days from now. 


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