Vogue Names Queen West World’s Second Coolest Neighbourhood

Choosing where to hang out in Toronto is hard.

Should you keep it central on King, head westward to Parkdale, venture eastbound to Leslieville, or embrace all that is holy to your young professional lifestyle and spend the night on the Ossington strip?

Decisions, decisions.

Only now imagine trying to scout the world’s coolest neighbourhood.

Well, Vogue has done just that. And though its heyday has stretched the past decade, it’s notable news that Queen West has been crowned runner up among the ‘15 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World’ in the fashion bible’s September Issue.

Citing landmark hot spots like The Drake and Gladstone hotels, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, nearby Soho House, and Bicyclette boutique, we were reminded just how amazing this stretch of real estate really is.

Of course, the lengthy catalogue of personal favourites along the 501 line – Trinity Bellwoods, 416 Snack Bar, Nadege, Dark Horse – doesn’t hurt either. In fact, the list of reasons to make this neighbourhood a must visit just seems to go on and on.

And on.

So here’s to you, Queen West, for staying hip in a time where hasty hype too often defines what’s trendy and cool.

Maybe we’ll see you on the 2025 list, Parkdale.


Images: David Kaufman Photography, Toronto Transit, TopofTo.com

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