Nobody Loves Kendall Jenner on the Cover of Vogue India

Who is making these decisions at Vogue? Kendall Jenner appeared on the May issue of Vogue India that celebrates the magazine’s 10th anniversary, and social media is furious. Who at Vogue thought it would be a great idea to put a non-Indian, non-resident of India on the cover of Vogue India‘s 10th anniversary issue?

One user wrote on Instagram: “Vogue perfected putting a white woman who has no care for country or culture.”

Another tweeted, “Why is Kendall Jenner on the cover of Vogue India when India literally has some of the prettiest models?”

Commenting on her weird poses, one user wrote, “Finally revealed: Kendall Jenner had come to India for her lower back pain treatment.”

Here are some of the reactions

Vogue has been racist before, they received reasonable clap-back for this “Geisha” photoshoot with Karlie Kloss in 2016 that appropriates Japanese culture left, right and centre. How is there nobody at Vogue asking the question, “OK, but is this concept offensive to anybody?”. Surely, there should be and perhaps they need a more diverse team to help mitigate against such culturally insensitive disasters.

As for Kendall Jenner, this cover was shot at least 3 months ago, long before Pepsigate. For a model, Jenner is in an advantaged position. She doesn’t need to raise her profile or earn any income because of her pre-disposition as “a Kardashians”, so we hope she considers racial and cultural appropriation moving forward.

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