Virgin will Introduce Autism-Friendly Family Vacation Packages

Whether they’re empowering homeless youth or offering their male employees a year of paternity leave, Virgin is always forward-thinking in its next big news-worthy move.

Most recently, Virgin is now looking into offering autism-friendly holidays for families with autistic children.

After a chat with leading charity Autism Parent Empower, billionaire Richard Branson’s holiday company is currently in talks about a number of new initiatives that could make family vacations easier and more enjoyable for families of children with autism.

The proposals include things like offering special treatment to staff.

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“I’d love to be able to see in their brochures that they have a little icon that identifies where is autism-friendly,” said Jo-Ann D’Costa-Manuel, founder and director of charity Autism Parent Empower. “Families can pick destinations and know there’s lots of things in place to support them while they’re there.” Virgin hopes to offer families as much information about the trip and the hotel as possible in advance of their vacation.

Currently, Virgin Atlantic offers to help families by allowing autistic children to visit their training centre to familiarize themselves with the logistics of air travel – from check-in to on-flight.

At a time when any real or perceived political association can practically cripple a company (for the short-term, anyway), it’s as important as ever for brands to align with charitable initiatives and to focus on social responsibility. And nobody knows that better than Richard Branson.

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