Vintage Style Lab: An Eye for Fashion

As an industry relentlessly striving to reinvent itself every season, it is valid to say that the world of fashion has certainly brought forth innumerable trends that have marked different periods of time. In recent years, a shift towards the old has slightly reigned over modern concepts of design. The idea of ‘vintage’ has made its way to the forefront of momentary trend. This common craze has sparked a discerning interest to rummage through inherited items, charity shops or ghostly attics in order to come across an abandoned gem that will don you cool. 

Genuine connoisseurs of the particular term, Montreal’s own Mazin Almusharaf and his partners Kevin James and Tarek el Sallab have joined forces to share their appreciation for vintage by launching Vintage Style Lab, an online boutique for downright wicked vintage eyewear. The dynamic trio possesses disparate backgrounds, ranging from business, music and fashion. The culmination of such talent generated the original idea behind the company. Vintage Style Lab particularly came to fruition due to the growing demand and appeal of owning something retro, and in many ways unique.

The globetrotting collectors have assembled a selection of vintage frames of the rarest kind, dating from the 1970s to the 1990s. They carry styles from all over the world, including sought-after fashion houses such as Balenciaga, Cartier, Cazal, Chloé, Givenchy, Lanvin, Pierre Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace and many more. All of their frames have been vetted meticulously, providing new life to them, as well as optional custom tweaking. Their selection is particularly diverse and undeniably modish; it is sure to cater to all personal styles. Artists such as The Weeknd, Flo Rida, French Montana, just to name a few, have already snatched up their favourite pairs. Vintage Style Lab eyewear can be purchased online at, or by appointment at their ultra-nifty Toronto showroom.

Photo courtesy Vintage Style Lab