Vine Turns One. Here Are the Highlights

Twitter’s mobile app Vine turned one on Jan. 24th, and what’s a first year anniversary celebration without a look back at a few things that have come to define the service since its launch.

This unique form of video creation and sharing has attracted a close-knit community of over 40 million users in its first year, some of whom have experienced their six minutes of fame through it.

The medium is designed to encourage very high levels of creativity, and young professionals (YPs) around the world have taken to Vine to express themselves in many areas, including fashion, comedy, art, travel and even pets and babies. As has been the case since the early days of social media, Vine has created its own breakout stars, including Canadian user Christian DelGrosso, who garnered over 1 million followers for his comedic Vines, like this one. Another Canadian user, Jason Reymundo, got a lot of attention this year when his “Mirror Magic” Vine was named the ‘Best Vine Video in the World’ on Buzzfeed. 

Here’s a snapshot of some of Canada’s Vine “Power Users”:
Will Sasso (1.7m followers)
Christian DelGrosso (1.5m followers)
Piques (820k followers)
Ray Ligaya (540k followers)
MiikeyV (385k followers)

Global Vine “Power Users”:
Brittany Furlan (4.4m followers)
Nicholas Megalis  (3.5m followers)
Marcus Johns (3.8m followers)
Jerome Jarre  (4m followers)
Rudy Mancuso (2.9m followers)
Jessi Smiles (2.6m followers)
Curtis Lepore (3.3m followers)
Jennette McCurdy (1.7m followers)

Key moments captured on Vine:
Alok Jha in Antarctica
Car crash
Dick Van Dyke car burning
Vine of brain surgery
Here’s what the inside of a wave looks like.
Insane basketball longshot.
New Yorker Dawn Siff landed a job with her Vine resume.
Congressman posted this video documenting the submission of his first bill.
Brazilian protests

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