VIDEO: Vegetarian Eats Meat for the First Time in 22 Years

Ever wonder what it would look like to watch someone do something for the first time in over two decades?

Well, here we have Stephanie Potakis, casting director at The Onion, eating meat for the first time in 22 years.

The inspiration? A recent ribs festival, where everything smelled so great that it pushed her past her tipping point.

Watch as Potakis indulges in everything from perfectly prepared chicken thighs to bone marrow, ribeye, and wagyu beef with reviews ranging from “I guess I’m eating bone marrow for the rest of my life” to “they should make gum this flavour.”

She also insults vegetables along the way. It’s borderline porn.

However, for all of you plant-based eaters who would rather not take a trip over to the carnivorous side, here are some Toronto vegan restaurants that are guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

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