Video: Toronto Man Pulls Off Elaborate Proposal on Air Canada Flight

A Markham man is in the news after his high-flying marriage proposal.

We’re not sure how he managed to pull this off, but when Allen Froese reached out to the president of Air Canada for help with a marriage proposal/stunt 35,000 feet in the air on a flight from Toronto to Brazil, the airline agreed.

Not only would the videotaped proposal include a speech to Froese’s wife-to-be, Leah, it would also involve a foghorn, a guitar, and a song in which fellow passengers were encouraged to participate.

It all began when a flight attendant announced over the speaker, “may I have your attention for a few moments, we have a special presentation that is going to happen right now.”

And a “special presentation” is was, as it ended with Froese on one knee in front of the airplane of strangers. It’s tough to tell from the video whether the bride was thrilled or mortified by the whole production, but, in the end, the stunt worked out for Froese.

It’s a cute idea and all, but (call me selfish) after enduring the lines, customs, and slow-walking fellow passengers, the last thing I’d want to jolt me awake midflight is a foghorn in the ear. But hey, I’m still happy for them.

Check it out for yourself: