Video: This Mind-Blowing Cabinet is the Coolest Piece of Furniture You’ll See Today

Traditionally, cabinets yield about as much excitement as filing your tax return.

They conceal items otherwise not worthy of being displayed in the open, and are probably the first thing you fight about with your spouse when discussing the interior design of a new home.

This masterpiece right here, though, is the Anna Kournikova of cabinets – merely functional in its role, but more than a little eye-catching.

It’s so magnificent, it would be almost rude to consider it furniture – which is exactly how designer Sebastian ErraZuriz envisioned his ‘Wave’ cabinet: “I am inviting people to look at one of the simplest forms of furniture design and to forget that we’re talking about furniture, instead to see it as a way of breaking a box.”

Time to start storing outside of the box…