Video: This is How You Really Sound When You’re Conducting an Interview

Listen up, boss.

We know you deal with heaps of bullsh*t when you’re interviewing a potential job candidate for your company, but don’t sit there all high and mighty acting like the dung doesn’t fling both ways.

Just as our answer about how we don’t have balance in our lives because we’re addicted to work is hackneyed nonsense, so too is your question, “what’s your greatest weakness?”

And don’t think we don’t know that.

Fast Company captures these coy exchanges of bullsh*t perfectly in a video titled ‘How You Really Sound When You’re Interviewing Someone’, showcasing spot-on examples of what bosses say vs. what the interviewee hears.

You may ask, “why are you willing to take a position like this at this point in your career?” for example, as a euphemism for “how f*cking old are you, seriously?”

Or one of my personal favourites, “Are you willing to work overtime, nights and weekends?” which is more accurately received as “will your ankle fit into the cuff for this ball and chain?”

Bossi (a word I’ve just made up for all bosses everywhere), it’s probably time to start asking some better questions. If you do, we promise we’ll come up with better answers.