Video: This Gum Commercial is Making Everyone Cry (and Want to Fall in Love)

We all know that one person who cries at commercials – whether it’s for a long distance plan or for dog food.

Well, I promise you that you could soon be that person.

There’s a new commercial for Extra Gum that has even the most emotionless people in tears in front of their computer screen. I know, it’s a gum commercial. But the way it’s able to tug at the heartstrings of (basically) every human who watches it is quite phenomenal.

Actually, it’s like a human test. If you’re with someone who doesn’t start bawling, step away slowly…and then run.

The commercial tells the story of Sarah and Juan, a couple whose love story begins in the halls of their high school. Through the course of their relationship – from their first kiss to growing pains and distance between them – Juan secretly documents the defining moments of their relationship with drawings on the back of Extra Gum wrappers.

He collects the scenes of their relationship over the years, waiting for the right time to reveal them. And you’ll pretty much already be in a puddle of salty tears by the time this happens. Just, trust me.

The fact that a slow, soulful version of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” plays throughout the two-minute spot won’t help your cause either as you sit at your desk and pretend you have something in your eye.

Sure, the story is pretty sweet. Most of us can relate to young love and the roller coaster ride that comes with a long-term relationship, after all. And yes, the acting is as emotion-packed and moving as an award-winning Hollywood drama. The marketing is pretty clever too, with the commercial centring on the story rather than the gum.

But what’s really getting people, in my opinion, is that the commercial depicts the type of old-fashioned love that’s increasingly absent from our hectic, perpetually connected dating lives, when we’re always craving the next best thing. Many young professionals I know swipe through Tinder options faster than they consider their next drink order.

I mean, do any of us really know any fellow young professionals (aside from that one, rare token couple) who married their high school sweetheart? It just doesn’t seem to happen anymore – in fact, it’s almost discouraged in favour of life experiences, “playing the field,” travel, and becoming independent. I get that. But in some cases, that organic, wholesome, hormone-filled high school relationship could be more real than most you’ve had since. And that’s kind of sad.

Anyway, back to the commercial (and more crying).

Whether it makes you want to fall in love the organic, old-fashioned way (or just in general), or inspires reflections of personal heartbreak and love lost, if you want to reassure your jaded heart that it’s still possible to feel again, you should probably check it out.

Just try to watch it and not cry. Seriously, I dare you.