Video: These Exes Have a Brutally Honest Conversation and it Gets WAY Too Real

Relationships with exes can be complicated.

Especially when it comes to ones you dated for a long period of time.

A new video by Glamour Magazine reassures that nobody’s alone when it comes to our thoughts, questions, and reflections about past relationships. It documents an honest conversation between an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend – Andrew and Ali – who were college sweethearts and dated for seven years.

They broke up two years ago.


In a two-part series, the former couple sits across from one another and answers questions about their relationship. These range from what they miss most about the other person and their fondest memory, to what they would change about the other person, what they’d warn their ex’s new significant other about, and whether they’d ever entertain the idea of getting back together.

The video is so relatable to anyone who’s ever left a long-term relationship that I can pretty much guarantee you’ll need a tissue. Seriously, get them now. This is like watching someone’s therapy session.

Oh, and it almost makes you miss your ex. Almost.

Part 1:

Part 2: