Video Shows Couple Having Brutally Honest Two-Month “Talk”

How well do you really know someone – or your relationship – after two months of dating?

Especially as we mature, and start to crave something more serious and sustainable, two months is usually a telling point to determine whether the relationship has any lasting power. At very least, you usually know by two months – although I sometimes give it three – whether you actually want the other person as your stable “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”.

Either way, at some point after these first, inevitably impressionable few months, a very honest conversation needs to be had if you don’t want to risk wasting your time – and one that could either bring you closer together or further apart. You know what I’m talking about; the first time you get all the “where is this going?,” “how are you feeling about this?” questions off your about-to-explode chest.

As part of The Skin Deep, an often tear-jerking documentary series that brings you to the emotional space of real couples, Bobby and Emily discuss their two-month-old relationship. The couple has a very open conversation about the current status of their relationship, along with its fate. It’s so real and relatable that it’s almost difficult to watch.

In the brutally honest, awkward moment-filled video, the couple dance around the “I love you talk,” reveal their secrets, and discuss the future of their relationship (among other things).

Spoiler: though they’re cute and “right for now,” sadly, I have a feeling this couple isn’t going to last. And I already feel bad for Emily when the end arrives…