Video: People Are Starting to Build Million-Dollar ‘Disappearing Pools’ in Their Backyards

If you thought having any old pool is a luxury, wait ’til you see this thing.

‘Hidden pool’ is the best way to describe it, and it’s concept that’s catching on among the 1 per cent from Monaco to California. It’s basically a backyard patio that sinks into the ground and becomes the floor of a pool at the push of a button.

Here’s what that looks like just in case you’re dwelling in the 99% with the rest of us:

Used primarily for commercial settings, people are starting to realize that, hey, why not install the Rolls Royce of pools for private use as well. Each square foot of floor space is capable of supporting 20 to 60 pounds and ranges in cost from $500 to $700. Combined with the cost of the equipment and installation of a new pool, most people can expect to pay in the seven figure range for their new backyard accessory.

A few hundred of these pools have been built in the United States so far and several companies overseas are expanding their marketing push for the luxurious disappearing water vessels over the next few months.

Just something to mull over during winter, when we call disappearing pools frozen ponds.