Video of Ontario Mother Getting Triplets and Toddler Ready for Bed Goes Viral

For many of us who don’t have children, the only insight into the world of motherhood is seen from the slightly posed and perfected photos on Instagram and Facebook that our friends and family share.

We don’t get to see the everyday struggles that young parents go through, or the obstacles they have to overcome.

But earlier this month, one Cambridge, ONT., mother bravely shared just one of her daily struggles: getting her four young children ready for bed.

Corrie-Lynne Whyte and her partner Dan Gibson have eight-month-old triplets and a two-year-old toddler, and getting their four kids clothed at the same time is just one of their many daily challenges. 

So if you think your current nightly ritual is time consuming, think again.

On February 4th, Dan shared a time-lapse video of Corrie-Lynne trying to get their four squirming tots into their pyjamas and the video has since gone viral, being viewed over 63 million times on their Facebook page

And while many of us don’t include kids as part of our lifestle just yet, consider that Corrie-Lynne is only 26.

The couple never imagined that the video would go viral, as it was filmed spur-of-the-moment. But the pair has said that the overnight success has been mind-blowing.

“We were both excited to see the video hit 10,000 views, and then 20,000 views. But then we were like, oh my god, it’s not even been an hour and it’s just skyrocketing,” Gibson told the Toronto Star.

While the video only features Corrie-Lynne, Dan typically helps out with the family’s nighttime routine.

Dan said a sequel to the viral video is already in the works — only this time he would take on the challenge and he’ll try to beat Corrie-Lynne’s time.