Video: Man Drives Girlfriend Crazy at IKEA By Using Clever Puns

What’s the best way to test if it’s true love or not?

Head to IKEA together:

As sad as it is, there have been couples whose romance came to an end after an IKEA shopping trip. (Admit it, you know at least one young couple whose love was lost somewhere between 50-cent hotdogs and Billy bookcases.)

But instead of making it a dreaded trip through never-ending isles of pillows, chairs, and kitchen supplies, an Australian man decided to make the best of his outing with girlfriend Dana by making puns with the often impossible-to-pronounce Swedish product names.

Here are some highlights from the video:

“Dana, have you seen the toilet? My Bladis full.”

“Have we Algot what we need?”

“What did the guy say at the miniature horse race? Good Luktnypon-y.”

“You just think you’re Smarta than me.”

As unimpressed as Dana seems in the video, we’re sure she appreciated her man infusing some humour into an outing that can often turn into a sour experience. (Note: do not engage when asked which Ringhuld finish will match the kitchen floors better. Walk away. WALK AWAY.)

IKEA-holics, enjoy.