Video: Inside Celine Dion’s (Now Discounted) $45.5 Million Florida Home

$17 million is pocket money for Celine Dion.

Having received no offers for her Florida mansion after it hit the market for $62.5 million, the Canadian Titanic theme song celebrity has significantly slashed the price and is now content to part with the ostentatious abode for just $45.5 million.

It’s the second time Dion has been forced to ask less for the home – it was originally listed in 2013 for an astonishing $72.5 million, which is how much it cost to build it in the first place.

More full-scale resort than mere personal property, Dion’s home features a waterpark with a 126-metre-long pool, five pavilions, two guest homes with four bedrooms each, and, well, we’ll let the video take it from here…