Video: In What We Assume Has to Be the First Time Ever, a Husband Surprises His Wife with Pregnancy Announcement

And the award for cutest dad/husband goes out to Vlogger Sam of popular YouTube channel “Sam and Nia” who share daily videos of their two kids and other fun things that regular couples go through.

It’s actually quite cute.

Well, it turns out that Sam had a gut feeling Nia might be pregnant since she told him she’s two weeks late. And what does a creative vlogging hubby do in a situation like this? Sneak into the bathroom at 2am after his wife doesn’t flush and sample the goods from the toilet. Obviously.

The best part comes towards the end of the video when Sam surprises Nia and their two kids at the breakfast table with the good news of the test turning positive and the result will truly brighten your day and make you smile.

To be 100% positive, Nia tested a second time with the same result.

And on three, everyone say “awwwwwwww….”