Video Game Becomes Reality: Real Escape Game TO

You know the expression, ‘they’re big in Japan’. Eell, they are. And China, and the U.S. But hold on a second, what we’re talking about is going to sound really creepy momentarily, ‘cause the first thing we have to do is lock you in a room. Seriously. 

Don’t worry too much – you can at least bring 8-10 friends with you. In fact, that’s the point. After all, this is called the Real Escape Game. It was created by a man named Takao Kato when he was “thinking about doing some kind of new event, and the girl sitting next to me said she was hooked on online escape games.” So naturally, he made a real-life escape game. (Talk about thinking outside the box.) 

Basically, you and your team are locked in a room – we told you we were serious – and given one hour to figure out a series of clues, puzzles, and codes that will eventually lead to your escape. Just to be clear, it’s possible there’ll be more than one room you have to escape from, finishing the entire maze could lead into other rooms, through secret passageways, and potentially even up against some infrared beams. An understanding of everything from math and science to history and literature may be called into use when attempting to move from one clue to the next. And here’s the real kicker for you competitive types: apparently more than 10 million people have played this game world-wide and only 3% have ever made their way out. So if you’ve ever dreamed of proving to the world that you’re the illegitimate love child of James Bond and MacGyver, being locked in a room with only an hour to figure out your escape is what you live for. Luckily, Toronto’s first edition, The Real Escape Game TO, is happening as early as this Friday at The Foundery. Tickets are almost sold out for the first few weeks but more will be going on sale for May and June.  

If you still don’t get it, and you want to make sure this isn’t a trapped in the closet type situation, The Wall Street Journal put together a video so you can better understand just what it is you’re getting into… even if you can’t get out. 

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