Video: Drunk Intruder Falls Asleep in Vancouver Man’s Bed

Look, we’ve all passed out somewhere we’re not supposed to – perhaps a lawn, or the backseat of a car, or even atop an Alaskan grizzly bear rug.

All good, no shame in that.

Opting for a complete stranger’s bed, meanwhile, is a tad rude at best.

That’s the predicament one particularly muddled lad found himself in when he was exorcised from his slumber by the words, “Do you know who I am, do you know where you are?”

He most certainly did not, though he definitely thought he did.

“You know my brother… I’m sleeping in my bed tonight… I own this bed… I pay taxes for this bed,” the intruder claims incorrectly.

The actual owner of the bed, a North Vancouver resident, then attempts to convince the drunk intruder that he’s in the completely wrong house and has never seen him before in his life.

“Man, you’re going to be so rattled tomorrow morning when you wake up and realize what an asshole you are,” says the actual bed owner, a surprising level of glee given the circumstances.

Then, a moment of semi-clarity from the intruder: “Oh man, this is so weird.”


Perhaps even more weird is the fact that the guy whose house he crashed proceeded to offer him an alternative bed for the night, took him for a walk around the house, and finished with a “nice meeting you.”

It’s so chill it’s almost uncomfortable. Like, the guy is so nice that you almost wish he weren’t because you feel like his good intentions will be exploited any second.

It’s pleasantly unusual and smile-inducingly magnificent. And so damn Canadian.