Check Out What it’s Like to Fly in a $26,000 Airplane Seat

There’s first class, and then there’s Emirates first class.

The difference? Around $20k, for starters, in addition to a host of comforts and amenities that rival some downtown condos.

Everybody’s favourite filmmaker Casey Neistat recently flew Emirates Airlines from Dubai to New York City and was granted a free upgrade. In true vlogger fashion, he recorded the entire experience and shared it with the world in all its Champagne-and-caviar glory.

See what it’s like to fly like royalty – if royalty produced GoPro videos with inspirational quotes in Helvetica.

Interestingly, the number of views on said video mean that Neistat would probably be able to afford the ticket outright.

In related news, airlines are considering a “last class” option soon.

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