Video: Canadian Company Develops $500 ‘Smart’ Shirt That Tracks Your Fitness

Alas, another dimension to getting fit.

Montreal-based Hexoskin has developed a line of biometric shirts that literally apply wearable technology to the clothes on your back. Consider it a replacement for all those dangling wires and suffocating straps you’ve amassed en route to becoming a leaner, fitter robot version of yourself.

The Hexoskin Smart shirt used an array of embedded sensors to track everything from your heart rate to breathing and movement, both when you’re awake and asleep – which is probably why you’ll want to buy two. Tracking workout intensity and recovery, calories burned, fatigue level, and sleep quality, this World’s Smartest Shirt connects to a variety of Bluetooth Smart compatible apps – like Strava, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Endomondo, MapMyRun and devices so you can track how your physical fitness evolves over time.

Here’s how the data flows:

Your data is collected by the sensors embedded in the shirt and sent to the small Hexoskin Smart device that sits discreetly in your side pocket. This device records all your raw data, whether or not you have your phone nearby. When you have a phone or tablet in range, the Hexoskin Smart device will stream your data in real-time to your phone’s display.

“We want every human being on Earth to be able to collect and share their health data anywhere, anytime,” writes the company on their Indiegogo page. “All of this data is securely synced to the cloud so that you can review it on your dashboard, download it, and even share it with others, such as your coaches, your healthcare professional, and even your loved ones.”

The Hexoskin Smart shirt has already raised over $110,000 USD; a month ago, it reached 212% of its funding goal. Customers can still take advantage of an early bird special if they purchase one of the next 194 shirts (+ device), which saves you $100 off the $500+ retail price.