Video: Calgary Man Unleashes Insane Racist Rage Against Cab Driver

This here is the epitome of ignorant, infuriating racism.

An unidentified Calgary man went into a racist, abusive, and rage-filled rant against cab driver Sardar Qayyum after finding out his cab chit, 13 minutes from expiring, wouldn’t allow sufficient time for a fast food stop on his way home. The incident occurred in November of 2013, but the video has just come to light now after the RCMP finally decided to investigate.

The passenger expresses all the usual sentiments of ignorant human beings with an IQ no higher than that of your run-of-the-mill garden toad: “go back to where you came from”; “what are you f*cking gonna strap a bomb to your body?”; “you’re gonna train your kids not to live how we f*cking live in Canada.”

And the most ironic expression of all: “I feel sorry for your kids.”

The man also repeatedly referred to Qayyum as “Paki,” likely because Pakistan is the only origin of Canadian immigrants he’s capable of identifying.

We’re almost immune to videos of outbursts like this, but the fact that it happened right here in Canada makes it especially discouraging.