Video: Bride-To-Be Epically Destroys Her Dress After Fiancé Calls Off Wedding Via Text

“Wrecking the dress” has become a growing trend for some brides.

The thing is, most wait until after the wedding to destroy what is likely the biggest wardrobe decision – and investment – they’ll ever make.

That wasn’t the case for a young Florida bride-to-be, Kilee Manulak, who got informed via text message from her fiancé that he no longer wanted to marry her after their two-year engagement. Ouch.

After a few sad days of inevitable devastation, Manulak decided to do something drastic – and incredibly liberating.

She and her bridesmaids zipped up their gowns and hit Tampa’s Color Fun Fest, armed with a mission to ruin the dresses in the most fun way possible.

She even took the stage. Naturally, they took as many group shots as they would have at the wedding  – only these were a little more colourful.  

She said that she hopes others gain strength from her story. So, um, the next time you find yourself left at the alter…