Video: Blogger Highlights the Historical Beauty of “Real Women”

There’s been an overdue shift when it comes to female beauty and perceptions of beauty as of late.

Finally, we’re a little more focused on the real women behind the images in the magazines and on social media as we are on their appearance and fashion.

Inspired by video series like “100 Years of Beauty” that aim to show how beauty standards have changed over time, Karolina Żebrowska of the historical costume blog Domowa Kostiumologia, similarly recreated the historical looks, but with a refreshing, realistic twist.

“[These videos] all have seemed to show beauty standards in a very stereotypical and pop-culture way, so I wanted to do a more historically accurate one,” said Żebrowska on YouTube.

That’s why she also highlights the hardworking, not-so-glamorous, real women who also inspired the looks of the first half of the 20th century. In her recreations, she shows both the lavish and luxurious sides of society, along with the less fortunate sides of society, offering a better representation of the historical woman.

The video captures the “real women” from the early 1900s through the Great Depression, including US army nurses and disadvantaged females at the height of the Great Depression, complete with stats that paint a better, bigger picture of all of the women in society.