Video: A Vancouver Man was Arrested in a Road Rage Assault

Apparently the west coast isn’t as chill as we thought it was…

These days, it’s safe to assume there are cameras everywhere. So freaking out on the road isn’t really an option.

Vancouver police have arrested a 26-year-old man after a his violent road rage got the better of him last month, only to be captured on dash cam footage.

In the video, one driver gets out of his vehicle and punches another driver through a rolled-down window. It all happened on Terminal Avenue near Thornton Street on Feb. 12 in the wake of a traffic incident. 

A handful of witnesses saw the altercation, tried to defuse it, and notified a nearby police officer – who happened to be working across the street.

See the video for yourself below. And let’s all try to stop road rage from ever developing behind the sound of an angry horn. 


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