Video: A Group of Vegans Staged a Protest at Keg Mansion in Toronto

You know the old expression, “you catch more flies with honey?”

These people apparently do not.

Look, we’re all about healthy eating. We’re down with lentils and kale and greens of all kinds. But we also know that interrupting someone’s dinner to make them feel shame about that very dinner is not the way to anyone’s heart (or mind).

It’s just a way to piss them off.

So after asking a baffled hostess at the Keg Mansion (as though she is possibly in charge of anything more than where to seat you) a series of aggressive questions about dog meat, a particularly vocal vegan leader moved directly into the centre of the restaurant to begin yelling at everyone about a ‘challenge’ while her followers (members of Direct Action Everywhere) held up signs that read, “It’s Not Food, It’s Violence.”

Obviously, this did not go over well with the crowd – probably something about knowing your audience…

After a few tense moments during which your love for Cecil the lion was called into question and a Toronto chicken was referred to as a sentient being who loves “corn, watermelon, and hugs,” the protesters were escorted out of the restaurant.

Some will say it took courage to enter into the belly of the beast with a message like this. Others will question the purpose of the entire protest.

What do you think? Is this the way to get across to people? Watch the video below and let us know on our Facebook page.