Victoria Day Long Weekend 2021 To-Do List

From fireworks to fine art, we have accumulated a range of new and exciting beverages, good eats, and safe activities that you can add to your to-do list to make the most of your Victoria Day this year!


Paradise Grapevine released a canned Rosé today called the 2020 Pep Talk Rosé. This “succulent fruit-bomb party in your mouth” is full of fruity flavours such as cherries and raspberries. Not to mention it’s in a can — how convenient!

Interestingly enough, this creation was actually experimental. After gently pressing their 2020 Gamay and Cabernet Franc, they direct pressed some hand-picked, organically farmed (uncertified) Vidal clusters onto the pomace, and fermented the juice on the skins. The Vidal was left on the red skins for 10 days before being transferred to stainless steel to experience a cool fermentation. 

Photo Courtesy of Paradise Grapevine

13th Street Winery came out with a beautiful introductory wine cocktail kit earlier today. Inside the “Spring Cocktails Solution Pack,” there is a bottle of 2018 Blanc de Blanc Sparkling, 2 cans of 2019 Expression Pinot Grigio, 2 cans of 2020 Expression Cabernet Franc Rosé, 1 bottle of Dillon’s Cranberry Bitters, 1 bottle Kvas’ Muskoka Cranberry Rosemary Simple Syrup, and cocktail recipe cards.

They offer free shipping within Ontario so if you are too far from Niagara to pick one up, make sure to order your kit today!

Grape Witches never fails to introduce new and exciting natural wines to your cellar, and today they released a variety of three packs that are guaranteed to have something for everyone. In the image below we have “Oh Canada.”

Not only is this pack on-brand for your Victoria Day celebrations, but each wine is sourced from the Niagara region. Including, a ‘Skin Fermented White’ of Sauvignon Blanc and Vidal from First Contact, a ‘PTG’ (Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir and Blaufrankisch) from Rosewood, and lastly, a blend of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from Leaning Post.

Photo Courtesy of Grape Witches


Bar Piquette has recently introduced their “Picnic Bags” and they truly are the full package! Inside the bag, there is Iberico chorizo, Cured Ontario Trout, Cheese, Giardiniera Pickles, Red Pepper Jelly, Beet and Yogurt Dip, Black Truffle Chips, Fresh Bread, and even a Fleece Blanket for ultimate comfort. There is also the option to add wine or cocktails to your order!

Their “Picnic Bags” are available from Friday to Sunday for reserved pickups at their store location.

Crosley’s “Long Weekend Grill Packs” are the secret to the perfect barbecue this long weekend. This pack comes with a Patchcock Chantecler Chicken, a Bunch of Broccolini with Labneh, Tahini dressing, Pine Nut Picada and a bottle of Zippy Grüner.

Limited quantities are available so don’t miss out on this great offer!

Photo Courtesy of Crosley’s

“The Picnic” by La Bottega Di Terroni is a great option for a family event because there is something for everyone! The pre-set basket comes with a Baguette, Dip, Salumi e Formaggi, San Carlo Chips, a Vegetable and Fruit Mix and a Biscotti. Through their online ordering system, you can select add-ons in order to customize your spread. Most importantly, this includes wine and beer add-ons!

Photo Courtesy of La Bottega Di Terroni


Missing museums? Get a drive-in experience with the Immersive Van Gogh preview! This event opens on Monday, May 24th at One Yonge Street.

If you prefer to be outdoors when admiring art then the ‘Spring Stations‘ art event is perfect for you! By visiting the Distillery District and 33 Parliament Street, you will be able to witness artworks such as the ARc de Blob, From Small Beginnings, The Epitonium, and THROBBER.

Last but not least, Victoria Day would not be the same without the iconic fireworks. Whether you’re watching from home or from the beach, don’t forget to grab a couple of cans of 2020 Pep Talk Rosé or a bottle of natural wine from Grape Witches so that you’re set for the whole evening!