VIA Rail is Giving Away Free Coast-to-Coast Trips Across Canada

You can’t call yourself a true Canadian unless you’ve gone coast-to-coast.

I think it says that somewhere in the Constitution of Canada.

The unfortunate reality is that such an endeavour comes at quite a cost. Which is all the more reason you should be absolutely thrilled with this news: VIA rail is giving away free coast-to-coast trips to celebrate its 40th anniversary. There are 40 tickets to win.

“This anniversary ticket is made of upcycled wrought steel from a retired train truck that has travelled over 6 million kilometres which represents more than 1,000 trips across Canada in the last 40 years,” reads VIA Rail’s contest page.

The panoramic ride is valid from coast to coast or to any destination on the VIA Rail network. And I do mean panoramic – check out the digs:

The start and end terminals for a five-day coast-to-coast journey, by the way, are Vancouver and Halifax.

The contest closes on June 10th – so drop what you’re doing and apply now.