Vancouver’s Top Events of 2014

We’re proud of you, Vancouver – there’s no way we can be deemed a “no fun city.” Though we might be a slightly behind in comparison to our eastern counterparts, there was still a ton to do and see.

And it’s making us excited for to experience it all over again next year.

These are 2014’s top 12 events…

Diner en Blanc
The white night has grown to be one of the experiences that Vancouverites most look forward to in August. Whether you’re packing your own picnic or joining in at a participating restaurant’s table, the city collectively hunts down white outfits leading up to the event of the summer and waits to see what’s in store.

Not only did it seem as though everyone was at Seawheeze and the Sunset Festival this year, but it was also better than ever. With the prep that came before the event, the mass yoga session before the run, and the post-run celebrations, you barely remember running the half marathon.

After a one-time stint in 2008, Pemberton came back with a vengeance. Though the headliners weren’t as iconic as 2008’s major acts – Jay-Z and Coldplay – Pemby Fest was a hit with Kendrick Lamar, Nine Inch Nails, Deadmau5, and many more.

Squamish Valley Music Festival
Just a little closer to the city, this festival deserves a shout-out too. If you couldn’t make it up for all the days, most people definitely made sure to catch their favourite artist.

Was there anyone on your Instagram feed that didn’t upload videos of the Sam Smith concert that happened at the Orpheum theatre? If for some reason you didn’t know who this 22-year-old was before, now you did. He’ll be upgrading to Rogers Arena for two shows February 2015.

IDS West
It seemed like this year, more than ever, IDS West really brought together the design community and any and all interested in interior design; probably due in part to social media and on-site activations that welcomed show-goers to really experience the set-ups. We’re already looking forward to seeing the next round of new ideas in September 2015.

The Pride Parade
This has to be one of the most enjoyable happenings in the city. Hands down. Good vibes, a sea of rainbow colours, and endless smiles – ending Pride Weekend off with this event really brings everyone together.

Spectacle Vancouver
What was meant to be a one-time event, Spectacle Vancouver was created with the intention of raising awareness for a situation that brings tears to the eyes of those who’ve heard the story behind the cause. In conjunction with Seva Canada, the sold-out gala event held at the Vancouver Club was so successful attendees are already asking for it to happen again.

London Drugs Fly With Me Beauty
Airplanes and loads of beauty products make for a unique experience. Though mostly reserved for media and influencers, we think this event was top-notch and hope future events will include customers, too.

The Deighton Cup
Created by The Social Concierge team and Dax Droski of Cocktails & Canapes, The Deighton Cup grew this year, attracting both top partners and tons of media buzz. With the premiere event at The Hastings Race Course attracting the largest crowd, this weekend extravaganza didn’t let anyone down.

Western Canada Notable Awards
We have to mention bringing our awards to the West Coast for the first time, making quite the impression on the young professional set. You’ve heard us talking about it for the past couple months, but if you missed it, you should already be thinking about how to get a ticket next year. 


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