Vancouver Weekender: January 29 to February 1, 2015

The struggle was real.

But the most important word in that sentence is was.

‘Cause no matter how hard January hits, Vancouver’s young professionals always hit back harder. And look at the shiny reward you get for sticking it out: the glorious weekend.

Did we mention that it starts right now?


The visual effects community is coming together at the Spark Fwd Festival, Conference and Job Fair. Starting today, the three-part affair on all the tools and people that create the cool animations and effects we love to watch begins. If this is the industry you’re looking to become a part of, you’ll want to mix, mingle, and take in the moderated screenings.

If you’re in human resources or own your own business, labor and employment law is a topic you should not just brush up on – you should know it by heart. Well, the Legal Symposium 2015 is happening today. So, know your rights. And theirs too.

A night of smashing piñatas? Sign. Us. Up.

Happening at Hot Art Wet City, Piñata will be run by pProfessional Piñata Artist Meghan Kennedy (that’s her job title is – seriously). Her company, Your Piñata, has been making major headlines recently for their custom creations that are being sent all over the world. The opening reception for this showcase is tomorrow night but we suggest getting in on the action tonight if you can.


There isn’t a time in winter – or any season, really – when Whistler is quiet.

This weekend is no exception with the Whistler Pride and Ski Festival going down. Think of as Vancouver Pride Weekend meets snow bunnies. The village will be taken over by rainbows when the Pride March begins at 3pm.

If you’re a movie geek – this one is for you. The Great Digital Film Festival presented by Cineplex Movies starts today. You can basically watch all the X-Men installments in one go. Except backwards. Blade Runner, Kill Bill, and many more will be showing too. All you need is a bucket of popcorn.

It’s your last chance to catch the Resurrection exhibition by artist Shinsuke Minegishi at Art Beatus today. Said to be Andy Warhol-like with its infusion of pop colours, these pieces express the violent natural disasters that affected Minegishi’s birthplace of Tokyo, Japan.


If you haven’t ever heard this show on the radio and you care about your cash, you’ll want to check out the Money Talks Live Broadcast taking place today at the 2015 World Outlook Financial Conference. You don’t have to be a finance buff to learn a thing or two about making your money work for you, and Michael Campbell is sure to be just as entertaining in person as he is on the airwaves.

When there’s an event happening at the Hootsuite HQ, it’s automatically worthy of attending. The Social HR Camp is back for the third year for those who use social media for recruiting. A solid 60% of ticket sales will also be donated to Free The Children.

A week of running to raise some dough starts now. The Bagel Chase is a week long initiative for the community to get together every day at Siegel’s Bagels to run 5K in the name of different charities and challenges. There’s a ton of prizes and perks involved aside from getting involved for multiple worthy causes. 


It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Get your chili, your wings, your beer, and your Richard Sherman I-talk-too-much attitude ready.  

Dine Out Vancouver comes to an end today. If there was a restaurant you wanted to check out, take advantage tonight. Here are our top 11 picks in case inspiration on what to try is needed.

Cha cha cha. Salsa dancing is coming to Fortune Sound Club tonight. It sounds sort of romantic, right? Well, it is. Learn the dance moves that are full of passion. Plus you can your cha cha on your own for just $8. That includes a beginner lesson, performances, and DJs from Seattle. 


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Cover Photo: Siegel’s Bagels