Serial Distracted Driver from Vancouver Fined $888 for Taking a Selfie Behind the Wheel

What was going to be just another selfie turned into a costly display of vanity for one Vancouver resident last weekend.

That’s because the 39-year-old woman was caught taking a picture of herself behind the wheel – and she’s no stranger to the infraction.

According to the West Vancouver Police Department, it was the sixth time the woman has been charged for distracted driving.

And yes, she was on her cell phone every single time.

Not only was she taking a selfie in heavy traffic, she was so consumed by the act that she didn’t even notice the cops pull up beside her. When police did eventually get her attention, they pulled her over and slapped her with a $368 fine plus a $520 ICBC Penalty Point Premium.

The serial distracted driver will also be subject to review under the Provincial Driver Improvement Program and could be subject to a three to 12-month driving prohibition.

“Could be”? That should be an absolute must given this lady’s indifference to cash penalties.

Could this be the most expensive selfie in Canada to date?

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