Valentine’s Day Challenge Date: Naked Yoga in Calgary

Valentine’s Day as an institution can be viewed as either a romantic holiday or an incredibly corny excuse for candy companies to make money.

So when it comes to planning something for you and your significant other that’s beyond settling into an episode or four of The Bachelor, you need to make sure that it isn’t lame or extremely cliché.

In order to make the most of your Valentine’s Day, you could try something unconventional with your special someone. And if you’re in Calgary, you’re especially lucky. Three words: Naked Yoga YYC.

The studio’s owner Katherine Medina told The Huffington Post Alberta that her partners naked yoga class will help couples bond and connect.

Medina says for couples who are nervous about the concept of naked yoga getting in the door is definitely the hardest part.

“The class is welcoming, you don’t need any experience, and if you just try — that’s the biggest hurdle right there.”

Medina has been teaching naked yoga for over a year. Initially she was only teaching women to promote body positivity but over time her classes have transitioned into co-ed.

While this concept isn’t for everyone (you need to be comfortable having a stranger’s naked rear near your face), they focus on stripping away (pun intended) all distractions so you can truly tune into the practice.

“If we open our minds and our hearts a little bit we’ll find it’s just yoga,” Medina said. “It’s about being free… and spending the time with just you and your mat.”

Medina also added that when you have nothing else to think about, you will practice deeper. (Though I’m guessing there’s a lot to think about in a naked yoga class.)

While this concept definitely isn’t for everyone, it is certainly an adventurous way to spend Valentine’s Day. Not to mention you can perfect your partner poses at home in the bedroom afterwards.