Valentine’s Day Advice From the POLO Red Romance Pros: Part Two

Yesterday, we caught up with the lovely Delfina Blaquier to hear her thoughts on love, romance and what women really want on that love/hate holiday known affectionately as V-Day. Now, it’s her husband Nacho Figueras’ turn to offer insight on love. After all, Figueras and Blaquier are the type of envy-inducing couple that is almost too perfect to be true. The pair – him a polo player and her, a successful model-turned-photographer – are the familiar faces of Ralph Lauren. Figueras is the spokesperson for the sensual POLO Red and Blaquier is the face of Romance. Married in real life with three beautiful children, their union seems just as romantic as the brand they represent. Figueras let us in on what the typical YP gent really wants on V-Day, secrets to a long-lasting relationship, and why POLO Red is so hot right now.

What does the typical young professional gentleman really want on V-Day from his partner?
I wouldn’t consider myself typical, but a man wants something that reflects his style or passions. 

Can you share a memorable V-Day from your past?
Every day is Valentine‘s Day for us. It’s important that we show how much we love our family every day.

What is the secret to building a long-lasting relationship?
The secret to a long-lasting relationship is doing everything together. Having children together also has made our relationship last.

What is it about POLO Red that draws you in and makes it the right scent for our young professional and young entrepreneur readers?
POLO RED is all about speed, adrenaline and seduction – it’s perfect for the young professional. The scent is a fiery fresh fragrance that would make any man feel masculine and confident.

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