Valentine’s Day Advice From the POLO Red Romance Pros: Part Three

Earlier this week, we caught up with Ralph Lauren power couple Nacho Figueras and his beautiful wife Delfina Blaquier to hear their thoughts on love, romance and that love/hate holiday known affectionately as V-Day. Figueras – the spokesperson for the sensual POLO Red – let us in on why the fragrance is so hot right now, especially today. After all, nothing says V-Day romance like a spray of POLO Red. Now, Guillaume de Lesquen, President, worldwide, of Ralph Lauren Fragrances, lets us in on his insights as to what makes the power of scent so romantic and sexual, why it makes a great gift (pay attention if you’re still empty-handed today), and the best way for singles to celebrate V-Day…

What makes the power of scent so romantic and sexual? 
In developing fragrance, perfumers will chose key ingredients that evoke a certain mood or emotion. Many fragrances are created to bring to mind the essence of love and seduction. What I feel is most powerful about scent is the association to our memories or our desires. Smelling a fragrance can transport a person to a certain time or place, create an attraction or dream, or remind them of a loved one.

Why does fragrance make a great gift?
Fragrance is a very personal and custom gift. How someone expresses themselves through their fragrance is a window into who they are, or even more, who they wish to become. Picking a scent that best represents the personality or style of the special person is a great way to choose the right gift. For example, POLO RED is the perfect fragrance for the thrill-seeking man in your life because it’s all about speed, adrenaline and seduction.

What is the best thing for singles do to on Valentine’s Day? 
Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples; it’s a holiday that celebrates love in general. Singles can spend Valentine’s Day with friends and family and surround themselves with the people they love the most.

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Photo of Guillaume courtesy of: Ralph Lauren

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