First Major Poll of 2016 Puts Canada As #2 Country in the World to Live

Ohhhh Canada. You big beautiful country, you.

You’ve only gone and landed yourself an impressive runner-up position on the a survey of Overall Best Countries Ranking – not to mention taking the #1 spot when it comes to quality of life.

The survey prepared by U.S News in partnership with WPP and Wharton placed Canada at #2 after measuring the global performance of countries based on a number of metrics.

Combining factors like cultural influence, power, citizenship, and adventure the poll, which was released at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, ranked the overall best countries out of a total of 60.

Of course, we’re not surprised. With its multiculturalism, reputation for welcoming migrants, proud culture, and stunning landscapes, Canada has a lot to offer (ssh, nobody mention the loonie).

And DON’T go telling us that you knew it all along, New York Times.

Here are the top ten countries with the best overall rank:


Ranking #1 for overall best country, the European Union’s post populated nation (and it’s most influential) has a highly skilled workforce. Germany has one of the world’s largest economies; likely in no small part due to its entrepreneurship, which ranked #1 on the list.

You don’t need to tell us why Canada came second on the list. Oh, go on then. The best quality of life among all 60 counties as well as strong citizenship and entrepreneurship combined to make Canada the runner-up for overall ranking. Furthermore, Canada was ranked #1 for Best Countries to Headquarter a Corporation.

United Kingdom
With a big back catalogue of cultural influencers and a prime spot in the education category, the UK earned itself a secure spot in the top 3.

United States
There’s more to the U.S. of A. than over-excited politicians and hamburgers. Topping the list for the most powerful country, America’s incredible cultural diversity, prowess in the entertainment biz, and economic power in the world also helped to land it in 4th place overall.

Sweden is the number one place to raise children and the top country for green living. Plus they’re not stingy – the Swedes donate 1 per cent of their GNP to charity each year. No wonder they made the top 5.

Beaches, great weather, and a big player in the sports sphere – who wouldn’t want to live down under? It has a high quality of life, great opportunities for adventure, and it’s one of the safest places in the world to travel alone. Bonza!

You only have to look around your home to see that Japan is at the forefront of technology. But despite its modern aspirations, it’s rich in heritage, with age-old traditions like sumo-wrestling and martial arts that are still practiced today.

In at number 8 (though #1 for cultural influence), France frequently tops most-visited polls. Thanks to its literature, films, and often-emulated-never-replicated cuisine, France easily makes it into the top ten.

Tulips, clogs and…cannabis? That only scratches the surface of a tolerant country that became the first to legalise same-sex marriage back in 2001. Not to mention they score highly on quality of life thanks to all those museums, bike paths, and beautiful scenery.

You knew there was going to be another Scandinavian country on the least. And while Denmark sits at #10 overall, if you’re female it might as well be top of the rankings – the country came in #1 on the list of best countries for women thanks to factors likes gender equality, salary, and safety.