Urbanears’ Plattan Plus Headphones

The headphone market of today is as vast as it is varied. With so many shapes, colours, and types to choose from, it always helps to keep an eye out for quality and utility. The folks from Stockholm-based company Urbanears have employed both in the design of their Plattan Plus headphones.

For music lovers, the best kinds of headphones are ones which provide a hint of style coupled with smooth sounds. Compact storage capabilities and remote-control operation also remain handy features for rocking out anywhere at anytime. For the city-dwelling young professional, the Plattan Plus phones offer a unique opportunity to express individual style while listening to your favourite tunes at the office or gym; with upwards of 14 available colours to choose from, you really couldn’t expect anything less. Canary to cerise, army green to wine, and the blue of the ocean to the tranquil waters of a pool, audio quality is certainly enough to match the vibrancy of these colour choice examples.

It’s clear that the Plattan Plus Headphones were designed for the younger crowd as their audio levels emphasize bass, a key component of the ever-popular Dubstep genre of music echoing throughout clubs all the across the city. Headsets like the Grado SR80 offer more crisp and detailed tones by comparison. In an era when music sharing is at its peak, the most notable feature on this offering from Urbanears is the ZoundPlug. This allows anyone to plug their headset into your Plattan Plus phones and listen to your music with you. No more having to give up one of your ear buds when you want to introduce your friend or colleague to a cool song and no need to purchase a separate splitter plug which is all too easy to lose in the busyness of daily life. Don’t you love how technology keeps advancing?

Rounding out the features on these stylish headphones is a tangle-proof clothed cord, a simple remote control for track scrolling and volume adjustment, an Apple-certified microphone, compatibility with a number of different devices, and the ability to fold them up to fist-size for easy transportation.

This is essentially what Urbanears claims to strive for in their unique designs: affordable products that fit well in all regards and offer innovative functionality you otherwise wouldn’t expect. This includes releasing headphones in new and unique colours all the time, often for just a single season, in order to emphasize an individual and unified music experience all at the same time. Their website even offers a colour picker for this exact purpose. It isn’t surprising that a company made up of professionals with backgrounds in fashion, electronics, and design would have a focused commitment to representing the colour and quality of an urban environment in their products. With the ability to reflect your personal style guaranteed, donning a pair of Plattan Plus Headphones while you work or play is a great way to stay notable.