Upping Your Meditation Game with Tachyon Energy

I went to my Tachyon session completely oblivious to what I was about to experience.

Having heard about its life-changing effects, I was intrigued. Especially for that reason I wanted to be completely open and void of expectation to whatever I was about to experience. While I don’t meditate every day, I do practice yoga frequently and have been fortunate to find myself on a handful of meditation retreats, the longest being a 7-day silent retreat on the Thai island of Koh Samui. The sense of grounded calm I was able to drop into within minutes of laying in the Tachyon Chamber was equivalent to what I was able to achieve after 4 days of meditating in complete silence. 

Let’s back up. On a cold Sunday morning, I walked into the Taychon Healing Center and removed my shoes. I followed the owner, Linda Chau, into the chamber and sat on a black velvet reclining chair placed in the centre of the room. The chair was encircled by clear crystal orbs that had been carefully placed in a geometric shape around the chair. Linda presented me with two velvet “meditation rods” and instructed I rest them gently against my side throughout the session. When she placed them in my hands, I immediately felt a charged energy emanate from them that felt heavy yet also embodied a lifted quality. She reclined my chair, lay a weighted mask over my eyes, gently placed noise-cancelling headphones over my ears from which played gentle, ethereal music, and lay a blanket over my body. I did not hear her leave. 

The hour that followed can best be described as a mix between meditation and the kind of tranquillity that comes from a massage. I dropped in and out of deep meditation throughout which I felt very healing energy move its way through my body and localize in areas that had been causing me pain, like my lower back and my hamstrings -almost like someone was kneading tender pain points. If you’ve ever experienced Tibetan singing bowl therapy I can liken the energy to the vibrations of the singing bowls as they are tapped along your chakras and around your body. At times, I felt the meditation rods gently pulsate in my hands. Well into my session, I felt a sudden constriction in my chest that at once lifted off and bloomed into an elevating sensation, almost as if I was attached to puppet strings that were being gently manoeuvred towards the ceiling. Linda explained later that this was my heart chakra unblocking. 

I left my session with a profound sense of calm, and intrigue about what I had experienced. Mostly, I left wondering, what is Tachyon energy exactly? Linda describes Tachyon as, “a powerful subatomic particle. It is a pure energy source that is useful for rebalancing and harmonizing our spiritual being as well as our dense form physical being.” An article from 1999 in The Scientific American describes Tachyons as, “theoretically postulated particles that travel faster than light and have ‘imaginary’ masses”. While Tachyon particles exist in scientific vocabulary, they haven’t been scientifically proven to exist. Linda herself first experienced Tachyon in Sedona, Arizona, after back-to-back three-day sessions that have in her words, “changed her life”. After her experiences there, she shut down her beauty business and instead focused all of her time and energy on creating a Tachyon Chamber here in Toronto, so others could experience the healing powers she herself felt in Arizona. 

Do I see how some people (assuming they have read this far) could be rolling their eyes and bucketing me in with sage-weilding bohemians who check their horoscope more than their bank statements? 


Linda herself sees how Tachyon energy might be too “new age” for some – but those are not the people she’s trying to reach. After my session, when I sat across from her in the lobby debriefing my experience, the meditation rods came up as a topic of discussion. “I travel everywhere with them. I get stopped at security every time I go to the airport but when I exclaim, ‘They’re my meditation rods!’”, she says wide-eyed, “ the agents roll their eyes and let me through. It’s like people with crystals.” Of course, there are those who will find doubt in this method of healing – but if you are curious and open to meditation and its benefits, I do recommend trying the Tachyon Chamber for yourself. Linda sums it up nicely, “Healing should never be limited to – or isolated to – a form or identity.” The Tachyon Chamber stands alone because it is made for a solo journey. Aside from being set up into the chamber, there is no facilitator, instructor or healer present. The most important work is the internal work someone does for themselves. This is what the chamber is for, it is different because the field provides a space in which it holds a person accountable for the self-healing they have to do for themselves. The volunteer will have to learn to sit with themselves and what comes up from sitting with themselves”.  

Though I tried to quell expectations going in, I was mostly expecting to fall asleep or experience some of the light sensations one experiences during meditation. I left my session feeling detoxified and energized in my core, and knowing undoubtedly that my time spent in the chamber was beneficial in a healing way for my mind and body. To learn more or to book a session visit the Tachyon Healing Centre’s website.