Uniqlo Might Introduce a 4-Day Work Week When it Opens in Canada Next Year

Earlier this year we told you beloved Japanese retailer Uniqlo will be opening its first two Canadian stores in Toronto next fall.


Well, according to an announcement from Uniqlo’s owner, Fast Retailing Co., the chain might offer Canadians more than just affordable, stylish, and casual apparel – it may also introduce the four-day work week.

Yes, that means three-day weekends for employees.

The hours lost from an extra day off will be made up by implementing longer shifts; workers will have to put in 10-hour days the four days they do work, and some will have to work weekend shifts. Opting into the program will be voluntary.

“We’ve got a big program at the moment, working towards empowering women in the workforce,” a company spokesperson told CNBC. “The idea is that if you’ve got kids, it gives you a lot more flexibility.”

Uniqlo is currently pursuing an aggressive global expansion and will look to export its four-day workweek around the world as it expands its network of stores. The strategy has been equally successful for other retailers:

“Since we implemented flexible workweeks in 2008, all the metrics a CEO cares about have gone in the right direction,” says Delta Emerson, head of global shared services for tax firm Ryan. In those seven years, Ryan has reduced its employee turnover rate to 11 per cent from 30 per cent, doubled its profit and revenue, and received numerous “best place to work” awards.

We can’t think of a better example of a win-win situation.